چھٹیاں لے کر برف باری والا موسم انجوائے کررہے ہے حسن علی اور سمیہ آرزو کی نئی فیملی تصاویر

Hasan Ali Fastest bowler of Pakistani Cricket Team Currently He is on holiday with his Wife Somiya Arzoo. Nowadays Westerdeins Playing Series with Pakistan in Karachi and Pakistani Team give the chance to New Boys in Team and Hasan Ali, Shaheen Afridi and Many other boys on holidays and ready to play the PSL Matches.

Hasan Ali’s wife Somiya Arzoo was an Air Host and Now She is the Most Viral and Loving Personality in Pakistan due to t hero her Husband. In this Winter Season Hasan Ali Wife, Somiya Arzoo enjoys the Snow Season in Pakistan check some Lovely Pictures with her Husband.

Hassan Ali is hitched to his affection for life Samiya Khan who is an Indian Muslim. The couple is cheerfully living respectively. They likewise have a cute girl Halena Hassan Ali.

Pakistani cricket crew is at the highest point of their gathering with no loss. Individuals say that this time seeing the potential in the Pakistan group, it appears to be that Pakistan will win the T20 World Cup this time. Since, supposing that you check out the occasion, each player and bowler in the Pakistan group is by all accounts buckling down on their part and attempting to give the group the best to win.

Hassan Ali had posted an image of him in a sherwani. “Dress to dazzle, consistently,” he had inscribed it. Babar Azam had cited the tweet by Ali and stated “Hasoo looking pleasant! Rishta pic slack rahi hai waisey,”

Hasan Ali father name is Abdul Aziz Mahli. His old neighborhood is Mandi Bahauddin and he lives in Lahore with his family. Cricketer Ata-ur-Rehman was the youth mentor of Hasan Ali.

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