شعیب ملک کی اپنی دوسری دوست ہانیہ عامر کے ساتھ سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل

Shoaib Malik and Hania Amir Again on Air both are looking Perfect Pair and Couple and Showbiz Industry. This is the last World Cup Match of Shoaib Malik and Now He is ready to get retirement from Cricket Industry and Move to SHowbiz Industry as a Model.

Previously Shoaib Malik Complete a Shoot with Ayesha Omar and Now He is with Hania Amir. both are Looking Perfect and Adorable On-Screen Couples Let’s check some Awesome Pictures of Shoaib Malik and Hania Amir Together.

Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik Wednesday shared the front of a Pakistani design magazine on his Instagram account, in which he could be seen presenting with entertainer Hania Amir.

The year 2021 must be Shoaib Malik’s! In addition to the fact that he wowed everybody with his splendid exhibition against Scotland in the T20 World Cup, however his photograph shoots with the main women from diversion has dazed many. It might make them proceed to snatch a duplicate of the magazine.

Subsequent to starting a furor with an intense photoshoot close by the dazzling Ayesha Omer, this time Malik was combined up with Hania and obviously the pair displayed stylish ostentatiousness and panache.

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