پاکستانی کرکٹر شعیب ملک کی اپنی پیاری اور خوبصورت بیوی ثانیہ مرزا کے ساتھ نئی تصاویر

Most people don’t Know Shoaib Malik the Former Cricketer got married twice He was Separate from Ayesha Siddiqui in 2010 and After being Divorced He got married again the Legend Sania Mirza. Shoaib Malik Currently Perform in T20 World Cup.

Shoaib Malik recently did a Shoot with Ayesha Omar and Fans and was Surprised by this Type of Shoot of Shoaib Malik lets see some both wives Pictures of Shoaib Malik weddings.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik hitched the bunch in 2010. It’s been a time of long a long time since the couple is partaking in their wedded life. This vivacious and the widely adored couple actually figures out how to look so bewitching and youthful. Sania Mirza has consistently been there for empowering her better half. Their sudden relationship before long turned into a hotly debated issue of discussion and their photos become famous online.

Shoaib Malik is a world-perceived cricketer of Pakistan. He is hitched to Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza. Shoaib Malik showed up on TV screens oftentimes this Ramadan. He turned into a piece of practically all the Ramadan transmissions this year.

In a meeting with Nothing Yasir, the host of the program Great Morning Pakistan, previous commander Shoaib Malik referenced a few recollections of the past.

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