حریم شاہ کی تازہ ترین تصاویر سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل

Hareem Shah the Awesome Social Media Celebrity who Finally got married to an MNA of Peoples Party and Now she enjoys the Halal Life with her Husband. Hareem Shah and Sandal Khattak Finally Together and worked as Partners on TikTok and many other Platforms.

She is only 29 years old She has a very high reach with many super Politicians of Pakistan. Hareem Shah shares some adorable Pictures with her Friend Sandal Khattak.

Hareem Shah who is viewed as one of the most dubious names of Pakistan turned into a piece of the features when she reported that she has at last sealed the deal. Hareem took Instagram to impart an image of her hand to a man’s hand wearing rings and expressed “Alhumdulilah”.

Hareem Shah is presently being trailed by millions on Instagram and Tik Tok accounts. Also, it would not be inappropriate to say that she turned into a short-term big name due to her recordings. Then again, she has done marriage photoshoots for some popular Pakistani brands.

What’s more, Hareem Shah had posted a few recordings with her significant other, a considerable lot of which were dubious, and clients were offended.

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