حرا مانی اپنی تازہ ترین تصاویر میں بہت خوبصورت لگ رہی ہیں۔

The genuine name of Mani is Salman Saqib Sheik and he is a famous television entertainer, host and jokester of Pakistan. Mani is more popular for his comic characters. Hira and Mani got hitched in 2008 and presently they are guardians of two children named Muddassir and Muzammil.

Hira went into the Pakistani showbiz and began her vocation as a VJ. Then, at that point she showed up on TV as a co-have with her better half in “Murmur 2 Humara” Show on Murmur television in 2010. This is the defining moment of her life. She makes her situation in the showbiz business and sought after a profession in Pakistani.

Hira Mani frequently succumbs to analysis due to her dressing. Hira Mani as of late took Instagram to share pictures while she was partaking in the downpour in Karachi. Every one of the big names of K-Town never pass up on an opportunity to partake in the downpour since it doesn’t rain regularly in Karachi, in like manner.

The solitary sister to four sibling, and the lone little girl to her parents,Hira grew up very spoiled notwithstanding having an average foundation, Hira was the little girl of a financier, and experienced childhood in Karachi, around the space of Hyderi.

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